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The Tibetan Bridge is not a free access and free use playground but it is an acrobatic path in height between the rocky walls that form the Gorge of San Gervasio. If this path is not tackled correctly and with the appropriate equipment and materials provided and under the control of the staff in charge, it can be very dangerous for one's own and others' safety. This path consists of wire ropes and steps for the grated metal walkway. The bridge must be crossed with the aid of special safety equipment consisting of a harness, helmet, longes, provided before the start of the activity by the Bridge staff or in any case if owned by the user, checked by the Alpine Guide. The equipment is worn in the briefing areas with the support of our operators among whom there is always an Alpine Guide and must be used in compliance with the safety rules indicated during the briefing or initial ground explanation.
The bridge is open to both adults and children (minimum height 1.20cm; minimum age 6 years) and to minors under the supervision and control of an adult. Operators have the right to request documents proving the age of minors.
By accessing the routes, all users implicitly accept this regulation in its entirety. 

Access to the Routes

To carry out the activity at height, the following state of health is required, which the participant must declare to possess: be in good psychophysical shape, have no heart problems, have not taken alcohol, psychoactive substances and medicines such as to limit the lucidity on the paths. Furthermore, the operators reserve the right to verify whether the clothing and equipment worn by the participant are suitable and in particular the Alpine Guide will verify that the safety equipment owned by the user (harness, helmet, longes) are adequate and used correctly; otherwise, the operator may recommend the use of rental equipment at the ticket office or may deny the user access to the structures of the Tibetan Bridge. For participants with disabilities, the organization reserves the right to request a medical certificate attesting to their physical and mental aptitude in order to complete the route. On busy days, the organization reserves the right to interrupt the supply of tickets for security reasons. 

Recommended clothing

We recommend sportswear in line with the reference season and suitable shoes (trekking or gymnastics). 

General Provisions
  • Read the rules posted at the start

  • Put on the harness in the presence of the operator

  • Listen to the briefing before departure made by the staff

  • Always use both carabiners on safety ropes and in passing phases  detach one carabiner at a time: it is  absolutely forbidden to stay with both  detached carabiners

  • Do not stand on the bridge for more than a few minutes

  • Proceed one person at a time

  • Do not purposely swing the bridge with unnecessary normal movements  progression

  • Do not reverse the direction of travel

  • Do not leave the access paths

  • Worry about fixing glasses, cell phones and video / photographic equipment

  • Minors can access the facilities only if accompanied by their parents or whoever they are  he takes the place as long as he is of age

  • In case of difficulty, call the staff 

Entrance ticket

The Tibetan Bridge entrance ticket allows access and travel to the Tibetan Bridge for the time necessary to complete the route only once. The price may also include, on request, the rental of safety equipment (harness, helmet, longes) which, once delivered, is kept under the responsibility of the user and cannot be left unattended or sold to third parties. In the event of unfavorable weather conditions or conditions that compromise the safety of the participants, access to the Bridge will be closed and if users have already paid for the ticket, the ticket will be refunded.

Briefing before leaving

The briefing (initial explanation) is mandatory for both children and adults. It lasts about 10/20 minutes and includes an explanation, on the ground, on the use of the equipment and the techniques  walking distance of the Suspension Bridge. For minors, the briefing must also be followed by a responsible adult, who will follow the minor until the end of the activity. It is forbidden to start the Tibetan Bridge without having listened to the briefing and without the relative authorization. Should serious non-compliance with the regulation occur, operators could remove the user from the routes without the obligation of reimbursement. Safety on the routes is absolute, provided that the simple rules indicated in the briefing are respected, however, since it is a normal sporting activity, the risks associated with it remain, such as small wounds or superficial bruises. In case of need or emergency on the routes the operators of the Tibetan Bridge will always be present and available to the user. 

Users who do not comply with the regulation may be removed.


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